You know where you want to go… and I will help you get there.


I’m Morgan Dix and I’m a content marketing consultant. I believe that teaching sells and sharing your unique expertise is the best way to grow your business (and yourself!) and live with impact.

Let’s build your business platform through content marketing. You’re an expert. I can help you harness that expertise to attract an audience that wants what you have. I help businesses and entrepreneurs like you win trusting fans and devoted customers through thoughtful and compelling content. Oh…and I also meditate.


    Do you want to take your online presence to a new level? Do you want to build authority as a thought leader but don’t where to begin? I’ll give you a roadmap and help you make it happen.


    Do you struggle to write sales pages and craft compelling offers? I can help you produce regular content that converts readers into fans and customers.


    If you want to start a podcast, but need support getting across the finish line, I can help you from equipment, setup and branding to production and hitting publish.


    I help new and seasoned meditators to discover meaning, purpose, and life-changing positivity through meditation.

I can help you take your business—and your dreams—to the next level.

I have learned more about Content Marketing from Morgan Dix in 6 months than in my entire 40 years as an attorney and entrepreneur. He’s a pleasure to work with and his knowledge is priceless.

—Dave Gold, Attorney

I have hired Morgan for several projects. He combines technical capability with great relational skills. He is a joy to work with. His word is gold.

—Tom Curren, SVP Strategy & Business Development, Marriott International

Morgan helped me take the wild assortment of creative ideas inside my head and streamline them into an actionable plan to get the online learning platform I have been dreaming about off the ground. He’s thoughtful, deliberate, and prompt. Morgan is more than a marketing department. He is a reliable friend and partner in business.

—Michael Wombacher, Author

I have known Morgan personally for more than 20 years. His intellect, and the way he engages any situation with focus and passion is inspiring. My company initially started working with Morgan to develop a content marketing strategy with a goal towards driving traffic, but the benefits have far exceeded that. Morgan has helped define our message and bring focus to the important issues customers need to know about our business.

—Amos Kober, VP Sales, DCI,Inc

Let’s get you across the finish line, together.