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Morgan helps new and seasoned meditators to discover meaning, purpose, and life-changing positivity through meditation. He is a cofounder of where he hosts the popular OneMind Meditation Podcast.

Morgan received 15 years of formal meditation training in a contemporary yoga and meditation ashram focused on the non-dual teachings of Ramana Maharshi. He served as the Marketing Director and Assistant Education Director, creating online courses and learning opportunities for thousands of people. At About Meditation, over 6,000 people have taken his intro to meditation courses. In 2014, Morgan was recently a guest teacher at a mind-body medicine workshop for students at Harvard Medical School.

Morgan earned his Mindfulness Meditation Teacher certification through Tibet House and Dharma Moon.

Meditation Testimonials

The How To Meditate Mini Course

“I want to thank you for all you have done. …this has been such a blessing to me. I am so excited to use meditation in my daily life. Morgan you have gone above and beyond what I expected. Thank you again for everything. Sincerely.” —Wendy

“Thank you so much!! It has been a very kind and simple way to introduce me to mediation….Most of all I appreciate the flexibility and no pressure approach. Thank you. Warm wishes.” —Carolina

“I must say that this was such an incredible experience and I am so thankful to you all. This has opened my mind and led me down such a strong and powerful path in my life. I can truly say that it changed the person I was, and I will never be the same again. I look at things differently, even colours seem brighter to me now. Your layout of the program was spot on and flowed beautifully.”-Kayte

“I have greatly benefited from these lessons. Starting off with the technique counting to five and back down again focusing on breathing, this actually worked for me and I’ve been trying different methods off and on for years. Then my practice became even better with the information you provide on free awareness, what to expect, thoughts and more thoughts, and to just ignore until they become a stream of thoughts…amazing! This has helped me beyond words! I so appreciate your insight and descriptions and analogies. You are a wonderful teacher, a gift few possess.” —Amy

“Hi Morgan, thank you for your mini course. It does help me to clear my mind. I like the way you make it so simple and straight forward. Of all what we need to mediate are: intention, still, relax, attention, awareness and never create another problem when mediate.” —Joey

“The course was wonderful, it was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I feel more peace than I can ever remember. I am very thankful each lesson.” —Michael

“The course was great, it was varied enough to give you a taste of different styles of meditation and what worked best for you. As a fellow of nearly 60 I have found your meditations very easy to get into.” —Chris

“I reached the end of the course this week. Can I say a massive thank you as it has helped me no end throughout. I will keep everything I have learnt in mind and definitely refer back time and time again for tips and reminders. A great course that I will definitely recommend to others!! Big love from me!!” —Tom

“I thought the course was terrific. I recently took a 300 hr yoga teacher training and recommended it to all my fellow trainees to use themselves and share with their students. I believe we are at a tipping point on mindfulness and meditation being accepted and studied more carefully in our society. Not a moment too soon!Thanks very much for the gift of this course.” —Ginny

“Thank you for the course! It is wonderful. The lessons that I have taken have been very insightful. Meditation has not come easy to me & you are the first person online who has provided steps to work through trying to figure out what to do & what to do with my mind & fidgetiness which I seem to have so much of.” —Karen

“I found the lessons rang true right away, addressing all my misgivings and resistance with solid, common sense principles. The tenets, tips etc. are very helpful and instructive and I found the articles (which I had time to read) very inspiring. The website is rich and I look forward to supporting my second round with more reading and more meditation. Thank you for this effort. I already feel the beginnings of wakefulness — and I have shared your website with a number of friends already.”—Luba

“I am so impressed by the meditation mini course, I don’t know whether you have people who seem natural to it, but it was working for me on the first lesson. And it has gotten stronger and better on each one. Letting things be really taught me a lot, there were arguments in my head that I wasn’t concentrating enough, but when the lesson told me to just let the thoughts be, they soon disappeared, because I wasn’t concentrating on them anymore, I was “letting them be”. That was a huge step in it for me.” —Adam

“The website was advised to me by one of my teachers as I really wasn’t coping well with a lot of things happening in my life. Meditating for around 10 mins a day really really cleared my mind and helped my cope with exams and getting on with my life. I never knew where to start before and this course was perfect so thank you!” —Katie

“Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I would have added to the course. The most important thing that I got out of the course was to “not make a problem”. That was priceless. I really liked the course and have already recommended it to a friend and will continue to do so in the future. It’s a great introduction.” —Arodi

“I want to thank you for helping me meditate easily. The course is practical and what is very helpful to beginners is that you emphasize on the need to remain physically still. I believe many websites do not draw enough attention to this technique. Focused awareness seems to work well for me. After progressively meditating, using your guidance, there seems to be much improvement.” -Raymund

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